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Tips for Building Your Perfect Family-Friendly Custom Home

Tips for Building Your Perfect Family-Friendly Custom Home

Now is an outstanding time to start building a family-friendly home if you’re in the beginning stages of starting a family.

As your family grows, you are eager to build the ideal home that lasts forever. Now is an outstanding time to start building a family-friendly home if you’re in the beginning stages of starting a family. There are a few different things to take into account if you’re about to get into the design stages of building a custom home for a family of any size. Read on for a few custom home-building tips from Cedar Square Homes!

The Layout of the Family-Friendly Custom Home

Imagine living in the home and thinking about what is important to you. Colored floor plans make it easy to view areas for entertainment, storage, destressing, and flexible space as well. For example, a lot of younger couples want to supervise their kids inside their homes. This usually signifies an open floor plan and door and window access towards the outside. Also, if you expect a larger family as the years pass, talk with our custom home builders about adding a fourth or fifth bedroom.

Regarding cleanliness, correct home-building planning could reduce clutter. So make sure you include plenty of storage that may accumulate as the years pass. Examples include closets and pantries. Also, consider integrating a mudroom somewhere in your home. This gives everyone a space to drop their items while entering your house from the outside.

Education and Safety

We all prioritize safety for each of our loved ones, so make sure that you mention this to your preferred custom home builders. Begin by looking at the neighborhood that you’re doing construction in. Is it an area that you’ll feel comfortable walking outside in? Does the entire community feel safe?

The hometown school district is another topic to discuss with your residential custom home contractor while building a family-friendly home. Make sure you do plenty of research before starting construction since numerous school districts have different types of zones. Remember to look up every elementary, middle, or high-schools reputations on the internet before.

Maximize Convenience for the Family-Friendly Home

We all know that time passes by fast, so we want to maximize it as much as possible. You could add conveniences to the new home, like laundry on the second or first floor. In previous generations, laundry rooms were located in the basement or the lower level too. However, you could place the washer or dryer in the mudroom since kids could dump dirty clothes right into the washing machine directly when they enter the custom home.

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