Top Window Design Tips for Your Home Interiors
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Top Window Design Tips for Your Home Interiors

Updating your home interiors requires careful thought and consideration. If you have plans to pursue this undertaking in the future, you’ll want to think about the type of windows to incorporate into the design. Renewal by Andersen® of Central Pennsylvania, the trusted source of replacement windows and sliding contemporary doors, shares what you need to know for your next remodeling project.

Top Window Design Tips for Your Home Interiors

Learn More About Your Home’s Architecture

The architectural style of your home influences your choice of windows. Modern or contemporary interiors, for example, highlight sleek, symmetrical lines and minimalist elements. Sliding windows work well in this type of aesthetic thanks to their slim frames, but they don’t require grilles or any other additions. Colonial-style homes are more traditional, and while window options for this aesthetic are more flexible, a set of double-hung windows with grid-style grilles add to the interior design’s historic accuracy.

Utilize Different Window Styles

It doesn’t matter if you live in a traditional or contemporary home — mixing and matching different window styles creates a combination that adds visual interest to your living spaces. For instance, you can have two casement windows flanking both sides of a picture window. With this, you not only harness natural light but also enhance the ventilation of the room. Also, consider installing windows together with patio doors to create a “wall of glass” effect that helps make your indoors more open and more connected with the outdoors.

Consider Specialty Windows

If you are looking to switch to a less conventional window style for your new set of replacement windows, why not go with specialty windows? Unlike your common casement, double-hung or sliding windows that are rectangular in shape, this particular window style is built with frames that are anything but four-sided. Think circles, semicircles, and polygonal shapes, like pentagons or octagons. They can be standalone fixtures on a wall in your room or used in combination with other operable windows.

Working With a Professional Window and Door Expert

Ready to transform your space with the right window design? Turn to Renewal by Andersen of Central Pennsylvania! We offer high-quality replacement windows, as well as patio door options, including hinged French doors and sliding contemporary doors. Call us at (717) 591-4900, or complete our online form to get started. We serve clients in Reading and State College, PA, and the surrounding communities.

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