Why infrared panel heating is worth considering this winter

Infrared heating panels are a versatile solution and they can be a good option for various types of homes. Their suitability will depend on your specific needs and preferences and also the architectural design of your home, but here are a few of the types of spaces where they provide a particularly good fit:

Small flats or apartments

Infrared heating can be a great option for small apartments and other compact living spaces because it can be mounted on the wall to provide effective heating without taking up valuable floor space.

Buildings with limited insulation

Older homes with limited or ineffective insulation may also benefit from infrared heating panels. They provide direct and efficient heating to occupants and objects, reducing the amount of heat that is lost through walls, ceilings, and floors. This can be especially useful in period properties where extensive renovation for insulation is not feasible.

Garden rooms or outbuildings

Infrared panel heating provides efficient and targeted warmth, making it an ideal stand alone solution for garden rooms or outbuildings without access to a central heating system.

Rooms with high ceilings

In homes with high ceilings, traditional heating systems may struggle to efficiently heat large vertical spaces. Infrared panels emit direct radiant heat to warm the lower areas of the room in a more targeted way.

Homes with large open plan living areas

Infrared heating is also suitable for homes with large open plan living areas. By strategically installing panels to create distinct heating zones, you can optimise the comfort and energy efficiency of a space based on how you use specific areas

Infrared heaters pros and cons

Pros: Energy-efficient, targeted heating, silent operation, no air circulation, easy installation, aesthetically pleasing design.

Cons: Might not be suitable as the primary heating source for large spaces, initial cost may be higher than some traditional heaters.


In summary, infrared heating panels are an energy-efficient option that can can help reduce your overall heating costs and lower your carbon footprint. The potential savings need to be weighed against the initial cost of purchasing and installing them, but for homeowners looking for a sleek modern alternative to traditional heating systems they are well worth considering.