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Woodbridge Toilets | Reviews in 2023

Woodbridge is one of the most trusted makers and distributors of kitchen and bathroom products. It is not surprising, therefore, that consumers like you are searching for Woodbridge toilet reviews online. In addition, you might be looking for the best Woodbridge toilet to add to your bathroom. Continue reading to learn which toilet model from the California-based brand best suits your needs. 

One of the questions you may ask about this brand is: “who makes Woodbridge toilets?” The bath and kitchen products firm Woodbridge Bath is headquartered in Cerritos, CA, behind this brand. 

Woodbridge has been in the business since 2005. It is known for its affordable yet premium-looking kitchen and bath products. Aside from toilets, it manufactures and distributes bathtubs, shower doors, faucets, and bathroom vanities. Today, it is one of the biggest distributors of bathroom, kitchen, and flooring products in the entire United States.  

Things to Look for in Buying a Toilet

Before shopping for a Woodbridge toilet, it’s recommended that you familiarize yourself with the things to consider in buying a toilet. With numerous models, configurations, and styles to pick from, it can be overwhelming for a buyer like you to choose just one.  

There are two basic types of toilets you will find in the market today—pressure-assisted and gravity-fed. The former uses air pressure created between two tanks to clean up your mess. Meanwhile, gravity-fed toilets feature a flush valve reliant on gravity. Water from the tank drops into the bowl to move the waste. 

Gravity-fed toilets are more common and affordable. However, most cheap models encounter problems in properly displacing waste. On the other hand, pressure-assisted toilets are expensive and noisy but can quickly dispatch solid waste—one version of a pressure-assisted toilet in an upflush macerating toilet. 

You will also have to choose the right toilet bowl shape. Again, the layout of your bathroom will help you in determining the right toilet bowl shape. For example, an elongated toilet bowl is ideal for large bathrooms, while a round bowl takes up minimal space and is thus best for small toilets. 

Other things to consider when choosing a toilet: 

  • Flush performance
  • Water efficiency
  • Quick-release
  • Soft-closing seat
  • Bidet technology 

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Top 5 Woodbridge Toilets Reviewed

Woodbridge T-0001

The Woodbridge T-0001 may be the best Woodbridge toilet, bar none. It is an elongated, one-piece toilet with dual flush, a comfortable height, and a soft-closing seat. It is easy to maintain and clean, affordable yet with a sleek and premium look. 

This toilet offers a comfortable height of 16.5 inches from the floor, above the standard height of 15 inches. It’s particularly ideal for the use of elderly adults as well as those with mobility issues. 

This dual-flushing toilet can offer you substantial savings on your water bill because it consumes less water when flushing urine. Aside from helping save water, this toilet is also easy to maintain and clean. You can also expect fewer clogs with this toilet. It also features a powerful siphon flushing action, which ensures that you can move waste with a single flush. 

And since it is a one-piece toilet, the Woodbridge T-0001 can be installed by DIYers. But, of course, it also helps that the seat is pre-installed. 

In short, the Woodbridge T-0001 is an affordable toilet with a powerful and reliable flushing system. It can help you save on water bills, too. 

Woodbridge T-0019

The Woodbridge T-0019 is an elongated, one-piece toilet with a dual flush. It is equipped with different features that belie its relatively affordable price, making it one of the best value for money toilets in the market today. 

The T-0019 has a luxurious and space-saving design. Its 1.28-gallon tank allows it to fit even in the smallest bathrooms. It also looks elegant and should look good in any bathroom style, whether traditional or modern.

Its fully glazed siphon flushing, meanwhile, ensures that the toilet is free from clogging or leaking. It also leads to powerful flushes while keeping the operation quiet most of the time. 

The seat of the T-0019 has a stainless steel hinge to ensure its durability. Suffice to say; this toilet area won’t rust and keep the lid intact even with regular and repeated use. 

The T-0019 is also a breeze to clean with its skirted trapway. And like its cousin, the T-0001, the T-0019 minimizes water consumption with its dual flush design and a small tank.

The Woodbridgebath T-0019 has often been compared with the T-0001. However, it’s hard to pick the winner in a Woodbridge T-0001 vs T-0019 debate as both are almost mirror-like images of each other. 

Woodbridge T-0020

If you want something that veers away from the traditional, you should check out the Woodbridge T-0020. This is a one-piece toilet with a sleek square design that should complement any bathroom décor or style. It is also convenient to clean and features a seat that closes softly. 

The unique look is arguably the most significant selling point of the T-0020. The square seat gives the toilet a unique look and makes it comfortable to sit on. Plus, the square design gives it a little more room compared to other toilet bowl types. 

The toilet also uses a dual flush design. When flushing, it can use either 1 or 1.6 gallons of water. This makes the T-0020 highly efficient in its water consumption. The flushing system is reliable, too, and capable of moving the solid waste in a single flush.

The T-0020 has hinges made of stainless steel; therefore, it should last for a long time. Moreover, the lid of the seat is soft-closing. Consequently, you can easily remove it. 

The seat is about 16.5 inches above the ground, higher than the standard height of 15 inches. Therefore, it would be best if you were comfortable sitting on this toilet, although its edges may pose a risk for toddlers. 

Woodbridge B0500 Dual Flush

The Woodbridge B0500 is a dual flush, one-piece toilet that is best suited for small bathrooms. It has a modern-looking and sleek design that should make it stand out in any bathroom. In addition, cleaning it should be uncomplicated.

Like the other Woodbridge toilets in this review, the B0500 can help you save water and cut down on your bills. It can use as little as 1 gallon per flush and up to 1.6 gallons for removing solid waste. 

The toile also features Woodbridge’s patented siphon flushing design that brings a powerful and quiet flush. As a result, you can expect this toilet not to have any clogs or leaks. 

Cleaning this toilet should not pose a problem with its design. The trap way is skirted and makes it look cool and sleek, and makes cleaning a breeze. There are also no grooves or corners; hence, there are no hard-to-reach areas. 

Finally, its comfort height design makes it easy for most adults to sit down and stand up. As a result, the Woodbridge B0500 is a good buy for the practical homeowner. 

Woodbridge B-0960S

This is not exactly the most affordable toilet from Woodbridge, but it could be the most advanced design and features. As a result, it’s ideal for homeowners looking to add or use the best toilet in their bathrooms. 

This is a skirted one-piece toilet that offers advanced features like a heated seat. This seat will keep you warm and cozy during the winter season. 

Another intelligent feature of this elongated toilet is its automatic flushing function. It is activated the moment you stand up. The self-cleaning bidet works first, followed by the flush. There is also a manual flush button that you can rely on during power outages. 

Female users will appreciate the feminine wash function of the toilet. There are also pulsating wash and posterior wash functions integrated into this toilet. 

You will also love the powerful air dryer of this toilet. It is beneficial for people with mobility issues as it eliminates the need for toilet paper. You can stay clean, dry, and refreshed with this feature of the toilet. 

The B-0960S also comes with an automatic deodorizer to keep the air clean through air filters. At night, the night light glows to make the toilet more inviting. 

You can also pair it with a handheld or wall-mount touchscreen remote. This can further make the use of the toilet easy and convenient. 

In short, the Woodbridge B-0960S is sleek-looking with all the bells and whistles you’d want from a modern toilet. 


Woodbridge toilets are practical choices for homeowners looking for reasonably-priced, durable, comfortable, and well-designed toilets. 

While it is difficult to pick the best Woodbridge toilet today, many online reviews suggest that the Woodbridge T-0001 remains the king of the brand’s range of toilet models. It has everything you’d want in a toilet– sleek design, comfort, height, efficiency, and affordability. It is also easy to install and clean. 

Consider getting a Woodbridge toilet if you are in the process of constructing a new home or remodeling your bathroom. Then, you can be assured of the quality of Woodbridge toilets.

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