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6 Essential Ways Siding Protects Your Home

Home with shield protecting it

When it comes to home improvements, siding is one that may seem basic—but it’s so crucial to how your property performs, looks, and retains its value that it shouldn’t be overlooked. The right new siding can give you years of elegant style, lasting weather-resistance—and much more! 

Here’s a closer examination of what makes siding such a vital feature of your home—and the many advantageous results you get when you choose a top-notch replacement siding material.

The Roles Siding Plays to Safeguard Your Home 

1. Withstands Weather Damage 

Changing temperatures, rainstorms, snow, hail, wind, the sun’s UV rays—all these weather elements (and more!) can wear down your home’s siding over time. The biggest of these enemies is moisture, which can wreak havoc by creating leaks, wood rot, rust, mold and mildew in your home. Your siding’s number one job is to give your house a protective cover that keeps costly moisture damage at bay.

2. Stops Pest Infestations 

There are a lot of critters that want to use your house as a source of food and nesting. Termites, carpenter ants and bees can eat away at wood structures, ruining walls and support beams. Mice and woodpeckers can create holes that make wood weaker. By encapsulating your exterior, siding protects your home from costly pest damage.

3. Ensures Strong Curb Appeal 

Your siding is one of the first things people see when they approach your front door—and it can make a memorable impression. Selecting an eye-catching style and color scheme is essential, and the siding you install can make that easier, especially when there are so many beautiful hues and designs to choose from. Keeping your siding in good condition and replacing it when needed will help your home to always look its best.

4. Boosts Home Value 

Between its protective performance and its beautiful style, the right siding can definitely attract buyers when you’re ready to sell your home. Plus, high-performing siding keeps your house in great condition, so it’s worth as much as possible. That’s beneficial when you want a loan using your home as collateral. And the curb appeal of attractive siding is beneficial when you’re looking for top-notch renters. Because of these many pluses, siding replacement can earn you as much as 80-90% return on your investment—one of the best results for any type of home improvement.

5. Reduces Noise Intrusion 

Your home should be a peaceful place where you can relax and unwind—which means it’s not fun when traffic, aircraft, neighborhood dogs, loud landscaping tools, and other annoying sounds intrude inside. The right siding adds more layers between your house’s interior rooms and the noisy outdoors.

6. Keeps Your Home’s Interior Insulated 

By adding an extra layer between indoors and outdoors, siding plays a role in increasing a home’s energy efficiency. In other words, siding helps you keep warm, treated air inside during winter and air-conditioned air inside during summer. The thicker the siding, the better your house stays insulated from wind and weather. This insulating value can help to lower your utilities bills while keeping you comfortable year-round.

Ensure Your Home Stays Beautiful and Protected with the Right New Siding   

All the benefits mentioned here are only as good as the condition your siding is in. Aged, worn, cracked, warped siding can’t provide the full protection that your home deserves. If you’re considering new siding, check out how the James Hardie siding installation services from John McCarter Construction can give your home outstanding beauty and decades of trusted, long-lasting protection with one of the best siding options available to homeowners today.