A Ceramicist’s Intimate, Elegant Wedding on Mallorca (DIY Candleholders Included)
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A Ceramicist’s Intimate, Elegant Wedding on Mallorca (DIY Candleholders Included)

RM: Tell us about the ceramics!

DJ: The ceramic dishes are by ARC, and we made the candleholders ourselves out of plaster! We found these amazing handmade tall candles at a small shop in Palma that we loved, and they were such a dynamic addition to the table that we were inspired to make our own holders. We applied the technique I use for mold-making in my work, and together we designed a simple geometric shape that went with the tablescape. We were really pleased with how they turned out. I might even make a ceramic version in the future.

the most artful wedding buffet. 21
Above: The most artful wedding buffet.

RM: Tell us about the wedding day meal.

DJ: We knew we wanted tapas—lots of small dishes—for dinner, rather than a few big courses. The details came together naturally over the course of a few conversations and brainstorms. We planned the menu ourselves, and between my mom, my husband’s mom, and myself, we made all the food—some of it in advance, some of it the day of.

We got everything from our favorite markets and specialty stores around the island. We made empanadas, cocarrois, deviled eggs, shot glasses of salmorejo and zucchini soup, cheeses, olives, the best jamón serrano we could find, fresh tomatoes with olive oil, salt, and pepper, endive salad, salmon with lemon and capers, herby hummus, blistered peppers with flaky salt…The table was abundant, colorful, and pleasantly messy by the end of the evening.

bubbles chilled in a big terra cotta bowl. 22
Above: Bubbles chilled in a big terra cotta bowl.

at nightfall, before dinner. 23
Above: At nightfall, before dinner.

RM: And the marriage ceremony itself?

DJ: The evening started with a short, beautiful ceremony under a big oak tree led by rotating family members. We had gotten formally married at the justice of the peace a few weeks prior, which felt centered around the coming together of two individuals, whereas the ceremony at the party felt like the joining of two families. It was a collaborative, warm, magical moment, like the whole evening itself.

the view from the wedding dinner. 24
Above: The view from the wedding dinner.

and the newlyweds. 25
Above: And the newlyweds.

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N.B.: This post is a rerun; the original story ran on September 16, 2022, and has been updated with new information.

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