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Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum Cleaner

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Short on time? Here is our list of the best above ground pool cleaners:

1. Overall Best-
Dolphin Escape Robotic Above Ground Pool CleanerA powerful cleaning robot that can clean large debris, algae and other stubborn build-ups. Energy efficient and comes from a reliable brand.”

2. Great Value For Money-
Intex Auto Pool CleanerAn easy to use and efficient cleaner for Intex above ground pool. Automatically reverse direction to clean an entire pool. Well built and long lasting.”

3. Best For Algae & Leaves- Water Tech Pool & Spa CleanerThis battery powered unit works efficiently to remove sand, wet leaves, pine needles etc. Versatile and multi-functional.

4. Best For In-ground & Above ground pools- XtremepowerUS 75037 Climb Wall Pool CleanerThis smart suction pool cleaner is able to climb pools wall for a  complete clean up. No tools are required  and reasonably priced. 

5. Best For Flat surface Above-Ground Pools- Aquabot Pool Rover JuniorThis pool robot is designed to work  any round, oval, or rectangular flat-surface above-ground pool. Easy to use.

Summer is here with us again, and the fun can finally begin. It is that time of the year when you can enjoy the outdoors. For example, you can hike and enjoy being around nature.

However, there’s no better way to cool off and take it easy than swimming. Swimming is among the pleasures of life, and we all love it.

best above ground pool vacuum robot

But it is no fun swimming in dirty water, littered with leaves and other debris. Dirty pools make swimming unpleasant, as it is not fun having to steer away little sticks and grass as you swim. 

Fortunately, you can steer clear from such unpleasant experiences by choosing the best above ground pool vacuum to keep the pool water looking nice and inviting.

A decent above ground pool vacuum underscores efficiency and fast cleaning of the swimming pool. It is an innovative way of keeping the water clean and bright with minimal effort.

But we all know how many dilemmas there can be in choosing the best product. There are just so many pool cleaners out there that it can leave your head reeling from it all.

In the following write-up, we discuss a few of the best pool vacuum for above ground pool available on the market in 2022 to make your choice easier. And that is what we intend to do. Enjoy the read.

Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum Cleaner Comparison Table 2022

Table of Contents


Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum Cleaner Comparison Table 2022


Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum Reviews


1. Dolphin Escape: Best Above Ground Pool Robotic Cleaner


2. Intex Auto Pool Cleaner: Best For Intex Above Ground Pool


3. Water Tech Pool & Spa Cleaner: Best For Pool Algae, Sand And Dead Leaves


4. XtremepowerUS Automatic Suction Vacuum


5. Aquabot Pool Rover Junior: Best For Flat bottom Above-Ground pools


6. Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li: Battery Powered Vacuum Under $100


7. Aquabot POOL ROVER s2 40 Reviews: best pool vacuum for vinyl liner


8. Zodiac Ranger Suction Side Automatic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner


9. Zodiac BARACUDA G3 W03000: Best Suction Type Pool Cleaner


10. Pentair Automatic Pool Cleaner


11. Aquabot Robotic Pool Cleaner: Best For Deep Cleaning


12. Water Tech Handheld Cordless Pool Spa Vacuum Cleaner


13. Hayward 500 Aquabug 


14. Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly Suction Side Above Ground Pool Cleaner


15. Aquabot Pool Rover S2-50: Best For Pools Up to 50 Feet


16. Aquabot Spirit: Best For smaller in-ground and above ground pools


Benefits Of Having An Above Ground Pool Cleaner?


Types of Pool Cleaner For Your Above Ground Pool:


Manual Vacuuming (Telescoping Pole):


Robotic Pool Cleaner:


The In-built Cleaning Systems:


The Pressure Side Pool Cleaners:


The Suction Side Pool Cleaners:


Robotic or Suction or Pressure– What is the Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum?


A Buyer’s Guide Of Above Ground Pool Cleaners:


1. Pool Size And Shape:


2. The Flow Rate and Pump Size:


3. Protective Features:


4. The Hose Length:


5. Filtration Efficiency:


6. Maneuverability And Stability:


7. Movement Pattern:


8. Bristles:


9. The Style:


10. Warranty:




Q1: How Often Should I Clean the Pool With a Cleaner?


Q2: How often should you change the water in an above ground pool?


Final Thoughts:

Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum Reviews

1. Dolphin Escape: Best Above Ground Pool Robotic Cleaner

There’s a pretty good reason why this pool cleaner is our top choice in this review. But before we jump into the discussion of its features, it is good to note that it is one of the most popular pool accessories that you will find anywhere.

This robotic pool cleaner has the ability to function across various pool surfaces, weather it is gunite/plaster or vinyl, fiberglass etc. It’s one of the most affordable robotic pool cleaner available in the market.

So, what features make it a top product worth the money? Of course, it is not a very cheap product.

Reliability Of Dolphin Escape Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner:

Dolphin Above Ground Pool Cleaner is a reliable machine that leaves your pool looking spotless. Furthermore, it has the attractive design that will strike a chord with any person that loves technology. It looks like a small robot truck.

Well, the Brand is among the best and reliable in the market of above ground pools. The popularity of the pool cleaner best indicates this fact.

A quick scan of the customer reviews will reveal some truths and among them is that the brand has a different level of customer loyalty. Of course, there are issues here and there, but that is a normal thing when it comes to such products. There’s always satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

Convenient and Efficient:

The good thing about automatic pool cleaners is the minimal input that it requires from you. In other words, it relieves you from the duty of having to clean the pool yourself. It is an automatic device or in other words, a robotic pool cleaner.

You will notice that the device comes with continuous tracks. It is like a little world war machine. Well, this look not only gives the machine a futuristic look but also better traction with the surface at all times. You will love how it moves smoothly on the bottom of the pool.

One notable feature regarding this pool cleaner is the oversized filter bag. Mostly, the container will hold more than what other devices can ever dream of holding. Typically, the bag can keep all the debris as it cleans before you can decide to empty it.

The pool cleaner has a HyperBrush scrubbing mechanism to scrub the floor and waterline efficiently. The primary function of this feature is to loosen the dirt and other grime from the surface. Few pool owners have noted that, this pool cleaner can scrub the algae and than vacuum it quickly.

Furthermore, it incorporates aSmartNav 2.0 scanning systemfor better and unmatched cleaning patterns. If you think about it, it is as intelligent as a pool cleaning device can get.

The machine is energy efficient and utilizes 24V DC motors. In other words, it will save you on electricity bills.


As you would pretty much expect from a robotic device, this pool cleaner is user-friendly. It has simple controls that anybody can use it. What’s more, it is lightweight.

That means you can move it from one pool to the other quickly.


Despite its popularity and smart features, the pool cleaner may not be effective in picking up all debris from the bottom of the pool. It is not also as versatile as you would expect. The device only works on above ground pools. 

2. Intex Auto Pool Cleaner: Best For Intex Above Ground Pool

Most automatic pool cleaners are expensive, but it does not mean that you can’t find a low cost option. Have a look in Intex Auto Pool Cleaner, that will get the job done. Great choice for a Intext pool owners.

Convenient and Efficient:

Typically, this is pretty much a pressure side cleaner that functions by using the water pressure pump it back into the pool. However, the company recommends that you use the device on Intex pools if you are to achieve efficiency.

But still, you can use it on other types of pools as long as you buy the necessary adaptor.

Note that, It requires a filter pump of 1,600 – 3,500gph to work efficiently.

What’s great about this unit is that, it automatically reverses direction to clean the entire bottom of your intex above ground pool. Consequently, the cleaner gets rid of sand and other debris from the pool floor. In a real sense, the device will clean most of the waste from the floor but not all of it. 

For efficiency, make sure to clean the debris every week. Otherwise, a blockage may occur and stop working.

Another key aspects of this vacuum cleaner is that, it includes a 24 ft hose that fits easily with the existing pool inlet.

Appealing and Favorably Priced:

Considering the quality of the device, we can pretty much say that it is favorably priced. Well, it is not something that will leave you with an empty pocket after the purchase.

Furthermore, the device is the best indication of a robotic cleaner. What we are trying to say is that it is not bad looking. Who doesn’t like the look of a robotic device anyway?


Unfortunately, there are a few issues here and there worth pointing out regarding the Intex Auto Pool Cleaner. For example, the manufacturer recommends that you use it on only Intex pools. Well, this particular requirement may sound as limiting. However, you can still purchase an adaptor and install it on the inlet pipe to use the cleaner.

Another possible shortcoming is that the automatic pool cleaner is only for above ground pools. You cannot use it on the in-ground pools.

3. Water Tech Pool & Spa Cleaner: Best For Pool Algae, Sand And Dead Leaves

You expect our 3rd choice to give our 2nd choice a run for their money. And true to that expectation, the pool blaster vacuum is a quality device that will ensure your pool is spotless and sanitary. You love dipping into the pool in hot weather. However, clean pool is the best place to be, and it feels nice.

Enough with the praises!

What does this pool cleaner has that makes it worth are the investment, and most importantly, the 3rd best choice?

Versatility and Functionality:

Certain pool cleaners will only work with individual pools. For example, the intex automatic cleaner only works with Intex pools, unless you purchase an additional adaptor.

However, that is not the case with this device. It is multi-functional.

The device will clean any pool and spa. Therefore, you can have peace of mind when purchasing regardless of your pool type. In other words, you can use the cleaner for both in-ground and above ground pools.

With the included pole, the device can reach great heights when cleaning. And the best part is that you get to guide it to where the dirt is. The automatic machines can sometimes miss some spots, and the pool may not be ready before your friends or children come home.

The machine comes with one all-purpose filter and two micro filters that are all re-usable. The filters ensure efficiency in the cleaning process.

A Decent Capacity:

Well, the machine may not be automatic, but it has the capacity of handling up to 33 gallons of water within a day. Honestly, that is pretty much above your above ground pool capacity.

And even better, the machine works independently of the primary filter systems of the pool. The benefit of this is that it reduces stress to the filter system, and thus increasing its life.

Easy to Use:

For most people, user-friendliness is the most critical feature to have in any device. They do not fancy the idea of having to learn how to use a tool.

The pool cleaner has simple-to-use buttons. There’s an on and off button which don’t need anyone to teach you how to use. The pool cleaner is natural to charge, and also easy to use.

Another factor that makes it so easy to use is its portability. It is lightweight and portable.

That means you can quickly move it to where you want it to clean.


However much we love this device, it comes with a few shortcomings that include the battery life. Typically, the device may only work for a few minutes before you can recharge.

The device is not what you can refer to as automatic. If anything, this is mostly a manual device that requires your input.

4. XtremepowerUS Automatic Suction Vacuum

A versatile and automatic pool cleaner is a joy to have. But what are we talking about?

Well, that brings us to our third selection. Typically, the device underscores two features which are versatility and convenience. The XtremepowerUS comes with a set of attractive features.

Multi functionality:

As mentioned earlier, having a functional device is a good thing. The automatic suction vacuum is one device that best highlights the meaning of multi-functionality.

In that context, you can use the cleaner on any pool. It does not matter whether you have an in-ground or above ground pool.

The device comes with up to ten hoses to make the cleaning process effortless. For efficiency, the device requires at least 1 HP pump.

And the best thing is that it does not need electricity to function. As such, the device is not only automatic but also saves you on electricity bills. To operate, it just needs to connect to your current filtration system. There are no complicated connections, and you don’t need any tutorial to manage it.

Easy to use:

Unlike some devices on the market, the pool cleaner is easy to assemble and use. You only need to follow the instructions, and it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to join.

Furthermore, the device is one of the easiest to use. All you need to do is install it in place and adjust the hose size. Interestingly, anyone can do it.


Some of us are ecstatic about devices that employ technology. Of course, there is nothing wrong in taking full advantage of technology. Typically, the pool cleaner does not require your input. You only need to turn it on and leave it to its own devices – how fun can that be?

The pool cleaner easily climbs the wall of the pool and removes any grime and algae, living it spotless. You can turn it on and do some other things like chores. There are other things to do apart from the cleaning the pool and the device relieve you of doing something else.

However, you will need to check the flapper for any debris regularly. Regular cleaning will increase its life significantly. 

The pool cleaner also comes with an innovative design that makes it easy to climb walls in addition to cleaning the pool surface.


The pool cleaner materials can easily erode when exposed to pool chemicals or breach. Therefore, it is essential to clean it away from the pool. It is also critical to ensure that there is no air in the hoses to avoid problems in the future.

Well, the pool cleaner gets rid of dust, algae, and dirt, but it cannot handle leaves. There are so many leaves that fall on the pool, and such inability is not pleasing. You may also not use it during the off-season and on steps. 

5. Aquabot Pool Rover Junior: Best For Flat bottom Above-Ground pools

Cleaning the pool can sometimes be a hassle. However, with the right machine, you can enjoy a clean pool without having to do anything. Well, such a scenario seems impossible. But nothing is impossible in the contemporary world. Technology seems to have overtaken us, but no one is complaining.

One of the devices that conveniently keep your pool clean is the Aquabot above ground pool cleaner. Naturally, this device is easy to use and does all the work while you enjoy your evening in the pool. But what are the other features?

Easy to Assemble and Use:

The Aquabot Pool Cleaner is without a doubt one of the simplest machines to use. You don’t need to assemble anything and installation is not necessary. Essentially, anybody can purchase it and use it on the pool. No technical knowledge or long tutorials are required.

Powerful and Efficient:

With only 180 W power consumption, the device is not only energy efficient but also powerful. It comes with a reusable filter bag and a cable with sufficient size to capture algae, leaves, dirt, sands etc. It’s one of the best above ground pool vacuum for leaves, available in the market right now.

It can handle any shape of the pool comfortably. Some of us prefer the regular above ground pools when others love the round types. Regardless of your preference, this above ground pool robot vacuum will do all the work for you.


Some of us don’t have the time to clean the pool. Fortunately, this pool cleaner has all the features that are necessary to relieve you of the chore. All you need to do is turn on the button and leave it to do the cleaning.

Furthermore, the device features a 2-hour shut off timer that stops the device after the two hours are over. That means you can go out and not worry about power consumption. Even so, the device does not consume a lot of electricity. It is energy efficient.


Unfortunately, the pool cleaner can easily corrode after a time of use. Several customers highlight this problem through various reviews. Typically, the problem may start from the cables and work its way to the motor. Regardless, this is a decent and versatile pool cleaner.

6. Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li: Battery Powered Vacuum Under $100

Watertech is another good brand when it comes to pool equipment. In the majority of cases, their products are quality and efficiency. The company’s pool and spa cleaner are one of the most functional machines that you can purchase to clean your pool.


By reading several pool blaster max reviews from users, you will understand why it is a favorite of many people. For starters, the device is user-friendly, and you do not need to do any installation. Your only task is only to charge the battery and guide the cleaning process – but seriously, how difficult can that be?

Charging time is only 4 hours. It can go for up to an hour of use cleaning the pool. Furthermore, it is cordless, and you will not have to deal with tangled cords.

It works without hoses or suction
lines that may complicate the process. The pool and spa cleaner is also independent of the pool’s system.

Other favorable features include lightweight design. In particular, you will not get too tired when using it. They are some machines on the market that are quite heavy, and you may not have enough energy to go on with the task.

Even so, the machine will still give you a good workout. But it’s all worth the effort. You will also find reusable filter bag where all the grime and debris goes. 

Cleaning the filter bag is as easy as it can get. You only need a garden hose to run water on the filter, and it is ready for the next action.


The vacuum suction system on this pool cleaner is efficient. Typically, the system sucks up all kind of debris in the pool. In other words, it has sufficient power to deal with pine leaves and different types of leaves.

The machine will also deal with algae, sand, dirt, and dust. All you need to do is a guide to where the debris is.


Unfortunately, you will need to guide the cleaner in the pool for efficient cleaning manually. In other words, you need to be physically around the pool for the cleanup to take place. Well, there’s nothing wrong with that, but it takes a portion of your time.

7. Aquabot POOL ROVER s2 40 Reviews: best pool vacuum for vinyl liner

With a user satisfaction score of 4.2 out of 5, it is understandable why this is one of the most popular pool cleaners on the market. There’s something that is quite right regarding this device.

But really, what is so good about this device? Is it a compact and attractive design? Or is it its power?


The goal of purchasing an automatic pool cleaner is to achieve efficiency and convenience. Typically, this particular pool cleaner is efficient by design.

It features a powerful suction system that picks small and medium-sized debris on the floor of the pool as well as the steps. The machine also cleans the walls and therefore, it is capable of cleaning different types of pools. 

Some comparable automatic pool cleaners are not capable of dealing with the pool steps. However, the Aquabot POOL ROVER demonstrates efficiency in different parts of the pool.

It has a low-speed pump and a quiet operation – attractive features. It means that the cleaner will not prove a nuisance to anybody sitting close to the pool.

Unlike some of the other machines on the market, it comes with an innovative pump that regulates the flow of water, making it efficient even when the pressure is low. It also comes with wheel deflectors that make it possible to navigate around corners.

As such, the dirt and debris do not have in hiding place in your pool. The innovative pool cleaner eventually catches up with them. 


Durability is not an issue when it comes to this pool cleaner. The hose, as well as, the attachments are sturdy and long-lasting. Notably, the tube is grime resistant which extends its life considerably.

Every accessory on this device is good quality. It is capable of giving you a decent number of years of use. But what else could you ask for? 


Unfortunately, some customers say that it tends to hang. It can work efficiently for some time but stop at some time. Furthermore, it may not reach some parts of the pool.

A few customer reviews point out that the machine may need human intervention to work efficiently. Of course, this is not a good thing given that it’s supposed to be automatic. 

8. Zodiac Ranger Suction Side Automatic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

In the majority of the time, quality usually comes on top on the market. Well, poor quality may sometimes convince a few people, but eventually, it loses the same market over time. Clever marketing has a way of convincing people to purchase the products they don’t need. 

But what is the point we’re trying to make?

In a few words, the zodiac is a quality brand. And the fact that it features the second time on this review underscores the claim of quality. It is not always that you have one brand featuring several times in one report. Well, at least in our analyses.


The pool cleaner comes with a few features that will make anybody excited. for example, this device functions smoothly that you want to stick around and watch how it is working – Yes, we are not kidding!

The device employs the moving parts technology to function at an optimal level. It does not have that noise so typical of most pool cleaners: no flapper noise and no annoying hammer.

The unique deflector wheel is one feature that adds to the efficiency of the device. You will no longer have to rush and intervene when the machine gets stuck. The wheels provide sufficient movement inside the pool. No steps or corners will inhibit its progress.


Regarding user-friendliness, this pool cleaner wins hands down. But what is so special about this device? Well, we can say that it does not produce any uncomfortable noise. You know how some of us are noise sensitive? Noise interferes with your concentration.

That means the cleaning process can happen while you enjoy the morning breeze beside it. Think of listening to music as you wait for the pool to get clean.

The device also comes pre-assembled, and you will not need to do anything in that regard. Installation is also comfortable with a 32-feet hose.


Despite the few innovative features that make it work effectively, it may still get stuck. Several customer reviews point this fact out. Regardless, this is a decent machine.

9. Zodiac BARACUDA G3 W03000: Best Suction Type Pool Cleaner

We said something about one brand taking most of the top spots in a review. Zodiac is one pool cleaner maker that demonstrates an unmatched commitment to quality. The performance of Zodiac BARACUDA G3 W03000 Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner is what you can refer to as satisfactory. We all want reliable equipment.

Efficient and Powerful:

Efficiency and power are two critical factors that every pool cleaner should have. You see, it would be excruciating having to wait significant amounts of time for a device to finish cleaning. Inefficient pool cleaner may also get stuck inside the pool.

Nobody fancies the idea of having to get inside the water every time to unstick the device. There is time for everything. Typically, the time you may be cleaning the pool may be in the morning when you want to do your chores before you dash to the office. At such a time, it would not be a great idea to dip into the water to remove the device from the spot where it got stuck.

The low-speed pump and strong suction work together to prevent such a scenario. The machine gets rid of the small and medium debris that found its way into the water.

Low pressure may be a problem with some devices. However, the device features an innovative valve that regulates the flow of water for efficiency. You no longer need to pull out your hair with worry when the pressure is too low for cleaning.


It is not a good thing that the pool cleaner cannot handle significant debris like pine leaves. That means you may need to use other tools to remove the significant debris first.

10. Pentair Automatic Pool Cleaner

Shaped like a cute little shark, the pool cleaner is another efficient device. It is convenient and easy-to-use. And the best of all, it is automatic. That means zero input from you when it comes to cleaning the pool.

But to be honest, the shark design and the attractive colors will strike a tune with your kids. It almost looks like a little toy. And you know how kids are.

Efficiency and Power:

The pool cleaner boasts a powerful suction and efficient bristles to clean the bottom of the pool. It’ll suck up the dirt and debris one of the best us scrub the dirt way. The work of the bristles is to loosen the soil and other stubborn debris at the bottom. The algae that almost thought it found a home will not have a chance.

What makes many people happy is the fact that the machine is automatic. That translates to more effort and it’s a good thing. Well, some of us like doing things their way. However, a little help from the tools is not bad at all. 

To further demonstrate its efficiency, the cleaner cuts a 10-inch path to ensure smooth working. But that’s not the best part. It has five adjustable cleaning paths.

The machine also comes with a 30-inch hose and three parts that snap together. Mostly, the different parts allow efficient working on any distance in the pool. It does not also need any weight to work efficiently at the bottom. Sinking is effortless, or shall we say natural?

But regardless of the smooth sinking, the machine is lightweight. That means you can take it from one pool to the other quickly. And if you trust your buddy to take good care of it as they use, then you can lend it to them. But you must be sure they will take good care of it. 


Despite all the nice features, the pool cleaner is only for above ground pools. You cannot use it on in-ground pools.

11. Aquabot Robotic Pool Cleaner: Best For Deep Cleaning

The first thing that comes to mind is how futuristic this device looks. Well, and true to the robotic design, the pool cleaner acts the part. But what do we mean?

The robotic pool cleaner is as the name suggests. It is automatic. And you know what that means? Of course, convenience!

The little convenient device has other features that you will like.

User-friendly and Attractive:

You would expect any robotic device to be user-friendly. Well, your thinking would not be wrong with this device. Typically, the controls on this device are easy to use. Self-explanatory we might add.

That means you will not be scampering all over the internet searching for information on how to use it. Furthermore, nobody likes a complicated device. We are not all geeks, and a little simplicity goes a long way.

We must say that this device is quite attractive. Yes, functionality is more important than attraction. However, nobody said that you couldn’t have a presentable device as your pool cleaner.

What we are trying to say is that this particular device looks so good that you won’t mind your friends showing up when it’s doing the pool cleaning. They might as well inquire more about the device.


Its functionality is also not so bad. The pool cleaner can work on any shape of the pool. It doesn’t matter whether it is square, round or rectangular. The cleaner will still do its thing, regardless.

Furthermore, the device can work on up to 50 feet of the surface, which isn’t so bad. In other words, the cleaner is a workhorse.

And despite looking so cute, the machine has those nasty looking brushes that deal with the stubborn dirt and other materials ruthlessly. They loosen the grime so that the device can suck it easy.

The top access large debris basket, allow easy emptying and cleaning. How more convenient could you want a device to be?


The cleaner may have trouble picking up the longleaf pine needles. Some customers say that the device may have difficulty working on small slopes. 

12. Water Tech Handheld Cordless Pool Spa Vacuum Cleaner

The handheld device that looks like the arm of the robot is a useful cordless device for cleaning your pool. Well, it may seem robotic, but it requires your input. It is handheld, and you need to guide it in the cleaning process.

Efficient and Powerful:

The powerful handheld device works independently of the pool’s filtration system. In other words, it does not add any more stress to the system of the pool.

Even better, it is lightweight, and you can attach it to a telepole and effectively utilize it on the pool. Based on its effectiveness, it is a joy to use and will not make you tired. It is no secret that ineffective devices or make you tired.

The filter bag on this device is more extensive than your typical pool cleaner. That means more debris before you can think of emptying. It also has more suction power than the other devices, and which is a source of effectiveness.

If you have experience with other devices, you probably know that the most important feature is the suction power. If this power is ineffective, then the cleaning process will also be inefficient.

Easy to Use:

Despite the need to manually use it, the pool cleaner is easy to use. Of course, you will need to commit some time to clean the pool. Well, this might be undesirable for some people, but it is all worth the effort.

It is not only lightweight but also cordless which means no tangling. You will not need to deal with tangled hoses and cords – this is usually a significant problem with some of the devices on the market.

Other features that make water tech pool vacuum easy to use include the rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the spot cleaning hose, and the reusable filtration bag. 


Many people don’t like the idea of having to be there to guide the cleaning process. Well, that is what a handheld device is all about. Furthermore, it may start leaking. That is according to some customer reviews.

13. Hayward 500 Aquabug 

The attractive ladybug-designed pool cleaner offers a convenient way of cleaning your pool. In other words, Hayward above ground pool cleaner is efficient, but most importantly, it is automatic.

Easy to Use and Effective:

It is possible that a device can be is easy to use but not practical. The contemporary marketplace is full of many products with varying quality. Typically, this fact makes choosing a quality product so hard.

However, this particular device is both easy-to-use and practical, the ideal combination.

Typically, the device features an effective gearing system that ensures a smooth flow of the water and natural movement. The system also makes it quiet.

Therefore, the device moves effectively under the pool without making so much noise. That means you can maybe read a book beside the pool as it is cleaning. But why is this feature so important?

The simple answer to this question is that quiet operation is not bothersome.

You will notice that this device comes with a contoured head. The purpose of this contouring is for efficiency in movement. As such, the cleaner completes the steering plan sooner than later.

Installation is usually a problem for some people. The good news is that this device only takes a few minutes to install. That means easy installation where are you may not need any help to hack it.

You will also notice that the device has simple controls. Moreover, you can do something else as you leave the machine to work.

Good Movement:

It is not unusual to find a pool cleaner that slides and gets stuck in the pool. In the majority of cases, the problem is with the wheels and tread. However, this device moves smoothly on tiles, complete, and other types of floors.

The cleaner has an innovative bumper frame that steers the device away from the walls and other barriers that aid will encounter.


The device is smaller than most of its peers on the market. That may not be a problem for most people, but it is a means a smaller filter bag.

14. Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly Suction Side Above Ground Pool Cleaner

The first thing you will notice about this device is how attractive it is. But you know how it is. All that may glitter is gold. However, you will not need to worry about wrong first impressions with this device. It delivers.


Suction power is an important thing to have on pool cleaners. Most of the pool cleaners on the market do not have powerful suction. However, you will not need to worry about power in this device. It is sufficiently robust to clean your pool.

The primary source of this power is the hydraulic and design. Typically, it can deal with the stubborn stains once and for all. Well, maybe not once because you cannot prevent debris from getting to the pool.

The pool cleaner uses random pattern coverage. Therefore, it ensures an efficient cleaning exercise. The machine will reach every spot on the pool.

You can leave the cleaner inside the pool for a long time. You will not need to worry about anything and can go out to have fun as the machine is cleaning.

Easy Maintenance:

The majority of the devices on the market come with wheels and other moving parts. These features enhance movement and flexibility. However, they have a shortcoming. 

Wheels and other moving parts are the first to require replacement. But you’ll not need to worry about that with this device. It does not have any wheels, but the only part is the flapper. 

Therefore, you can expect a long and dependable service.

Generally, the best suction pool cleaners are easy to install. You don’t need any pounds or additional equipment for installation. The easy installation process saves you extra cash that you would use on a handyman. 


We cannot dispute the power of the suction on this device. However, it is only suitable for small and medium-sized debris. In other words, it will have a problem with more significant debris such as pine needle leaves.

That means you still need to use other devices to clean the pool. For example, you may need to use a sieve or other tools to pick the larger leaves.

15. Aquabot Pool Rover S2-50: Best For Pools Up to 50 Feet

This excellent looking device gets the job done doing other tasks. Automatic pool cleaner comes with all the right features to leave your poor spotless. You will not allow me to worry about keeping your pool clean before your friends show up.

Easy-to-use and Powerful:

The controls on Aquabot are nothing but easy to use. Simplicity is an essential feature for such devices as a pool cleaner.

It is a plug n’ play device. All you need to do is connected to power and let it charge sufficiently. How hard could that be? 

Interestingly, the robotic pool cleaner is quite versatile, as well. In other words, it can work on different shapes of the pool. Additionally, the robotic pool cleaner will also work on in-ground pools.

Furthermore, they cover up to 50 feet of the ground. That is sufficient coverage for most pools.

And unlike its peers, the pool cleaner comes with two brushes. One is for cleaning dirt and other small substances. The second brush is for dealing with larger debris such as leaves. It has two clean cycles for efficient cleaning of the pool. 

The machine also has one of the most excellent filters giving it the ability to pick most of the dirt. The benefit of this is that it reduces the need to use chemicals. It is, therefore, possible to have a clean pool without the need to use chemicals. That means more sanitary and safer water for the whole family.

Energy Efficient:

The device saves you significant amounts of water and power bills. The pool cleaner holds the dirt in a self-contained container, and you do not need a lot of water to clear it up.

The motor as well does not use a lot of electricity. It is energy efficient.

That means you can clean your pool without having to spend too much. And it is a good thing.

Easy Maintenance:

The design of the heater basket on this device makes it easy to clean. In other words, cleaning it after use is such a breeze that it may not take you more than 10 minutes.

The pool cleaner employs innovative technology and hence reduced cases of repairs.

Safe to Use:

The product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its safety. Mainly, it does not contain harmful chemicals, and it is not likely to cause injury to the children.


According to several reviews, the machine may not be as efficient as you would want it to be. It may fail to collect some dirt and materials that are developing on the floor of the pool. Its performance may also not march some top models on the market.

16. Aquabot Spirit: Best For smaller in-ground and above ground pools

Tangled cables and hoses are a headache for most people. However, that is a thing of the past with this device. The 360 degrees design for wires and hoses minimizes chances of tangling. 

Typically, that gives you peace of mind when it comes to dealing with pool cleaning. But that is not the only feature worth noting.

User-friendly and Efficient:

You have to admit that the swivel design is quite innovative. The number of people that have to deal with tangled cables is high. That is if you have a pool cleaner. 

The lightweight body chassis makes regular maintenance a possibility. The patented wood design makes filter access to be such a breeze. You don’t need any skills to open the frame and clean the filter.

It comes with ultra-fine filters for efficient cleaning. The 2 microns filters pick up more debris than other comparable machines on the market. Efficiency in pool cleaning is a critical factor in a capable device. There’s no use buying a machine that is not efficient in cleaning. 

Other added benefits include better water circulation. As such, it reduces the need to use extra chemicals to improve the quality of the water.

Best Value:

It is a budget-friendly machine that will not leave you with a big dent on your savings. Well, we cannot say that it is cheap. But considering the quality, and functionality, we can pretty much conclude that it is the best value machine.

Furthermore, the pool cleaner comes with a 2-year warranty. That is sufficient periods to determine whether you have a reliable device. Well, the warranty terms are better than most of the others on the same market.


The device may not be efficient on large pools. It may also have a problem cleaning large debris in the pool. That means you may need to use other tools to clean it.

It does not have scrubbing brushes to remove the stubborn stains at the bottom of the pool. It may only step on the dirt and other debris without doing anything. Regardless, this is a decent machine. 

Benefits Of Having An Above Ground Pool Cleaner?

Many people consider having a pool at home as a sign of wealth. However, anyone can have a pool and increase the value of the property. But the best thing about having swimming pools is that it makes our homes welcoming.

You can’t wait to get home and jump into the swimming pool for a cool off during the hot days.

The downside of having swimming pools is the challenge of cleaning. We all like swimming, but no one wants to clean it after. It is quite unpleasant.

But who said that you must manually clean your pool? You can enjoy the convenience of technology by buying a vacuum cleaner and experience the pleasure of having a clean pool at all times.

The best above ground pool vacuum quickly cleans the pool and makes it pleasant for swimming. Typically, you can have the swimming pool ready by the time your friends come over for a party. And the best thing is that you get to make savings in the long run.

You see, that is always the option of having a professional come and clean the pool. Well, they can do a good job, but it’ll prove expensive in the long run. The more natural way is to get a pool vacuum and make the whole exercise effortless.

Nobody likes overstaying on a chore, especially one like pool cleaning.

Types of Pool Cleaner For Your Above Ground Pool:

Unless our goal is to have dirty pools infested with mosquitoes and other bugs, pool cleaners are a must. However, lack of sufficient knowledge on the different types of pool cleaners can’t leave you with a machine that you never wanted in the first place.

But how many types of pool cleaners are there on the market? Continue reading . ..

Manual Vacuuming (Telescoping Pole):

Manual cleaning using the telescoping pole is one of the most cost-effective ways. The pole allows you to reach all the grime, algae and other unpleasant stuff in your pool. 

The benefit of using this manual method is that you control the whole process. Unfortunately, it is quite a time consuming and may not be as effective as other methods.

However, using the telescoping pole to attach a hand-held vacuum cleaner or other attachments allows you to focus on particular problem areas. You know how the saying goes, ‘if you need a job done well, do it yourself.’ The telescoping pole takes you to the center of the action in the cleaning process.

An additional perk is the toning of muscles. Cleaning your pool can be a valid exercise that works out a variety of body muscles.

Benefits of a manual pool cleaning system:

  • Total control over your cleaning cycle.
  • Most cost effective way of pool cleaning
  • Cleaning a pool manually is a good exercise
  • Very effective for cleaning all types & size of debris
  • Best way to deal with all types of pool algae


  • Takes longer time to clean a pool
  • You will need to connect few tools before getting started

Robotic Pool Cleaner:

Unlike the handheld pool cleaners, automatic pool cleaners are convenient and practical. They utilize contemporary technology to make the job of cleaning your pool easier and manageable.

The system does not need the pool’s circulation system to function. They work independently.

The robotic cleaners are the most energy-efficient. Furthermore, they are self-contained systems with motor and a built-in filter to function effectively at the role of cleaning the pool.

Some of the devices can capture the tiniest of particles from the bottom of the pool. And as you would expect, the best robotic pool cleaners may come with fun features like a remote control. 

The downside, however, is that these devices are a bit expensive compared to others. But what do you expect from such a device?

Let’s watch the following video that demonstrates, how does an automatic pool cleaner work?

Benefits of a Robotic pool cleaner:

  • Fully automated and effective
  • Clean a large pool in no time
  • Easy to manage; can be controlled via remote
  • Able to clean bottom and side wall
  • Clean all kinds of pool surface


  • They’re most expensive type of pool cleaner
  • Sometimes get tangled with the cable

The In-built Cleaning Systems:

Some luxury swimming pools have an in-ground cleaning system built during the construction of the pool. The system includes installed jets, connected to the return line and which cause a swirl of the water when turned on.

The strong current created forces the debris and other dirt into the drain. The main pump drives the trash out into the filtering system, thereby cleaning the pool efficiently. 

The in-ground cleaning systems are convenient and relieve you of the responsibility of cleaning the pool. Unfortunately, they need to be installed during the initial stages of construction. They are also quite expensive to install. 

Benefits of a Built-in cleaning system:

  • Very efficient for inground swimming pools
  • No need to buy additional booster pump


The Pressure Side Pool Cleaners:

And like the robotic pool cleaners, the pressure pool cleaners work independently of the pool’s circulation system. They may utilize their power or the pump’s power to move around the pool.

Typically, these pool cleaners come with wheels for smooth movement. However, they are not able to clean the surface as other contact systems do. Some of the associated benefits of pressure pool cleaners include reduced stress towards the filter system. Mostly, these pool cleaners come with their filter bags to trap the grime as they clean.

They are workhorses.

If you are to add a booster pump, the pressure pool cleaners can be one of the most effective. These devices are also quite capable when it comes to dealing with large debris.

Benefits of a pressure side pool cleaner:

  • Work independently without the need for the pool’s circulation system
  • Comes with their own filtration system
  • Very effective for capturing large amount of debris
  • Well built & Long lasting


  • Don’t scrub the pool surface
  • Can only be installed with the new pool

The Suction Side Pool Cleaners:

Suction side pool cleaners are the most budget friendly option. These type of pool cleaner required a pool filter and pump to work efficiently. That means the pool cleaner will use the existing filtration system. Basically, it moves the cleaner along the bottom as well as sides of the walls to clean the dirt and debris off the pool bottom and filter system.

A suction side pool cleaner comes with a lot of adapters and fittings. You need to have decent knowledge of using all of those things with the suction cleaner. There’re two different ways to hook up a suction cleaner.

If your pool already has a dedicated suction line you can easily hook the hoses directly to that suction line or suction port.

If your pool does not have any built-in suction line than you can use your pool skimmer. Just take the skimmer lid and use the included fittings to hook it up with your cleaner.

Benefits of a Suction side pool cleaner:

  • Very effective for capturing pools bottom debris
  • Very affordable and reliable
  • Easy to install and repair


  • Don’t work with variable speed pump
  • Can be affected by pool filtration system

Robotic or Suction or Pressure– What is the Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum?

Well it depends on many factors like- type of pool, pools material, your budget etc.

>>> If you own an intex above ground pool then you should go for a intex automatic pool cleaner for the best result.

>>> Choose a pressure side pool cleaner if your pool has a lot of large leaves and debris. Since these pool cleaner equipped with large intake they’re very efficient at capturing large debris from sides and bottom. If you’ve an above ground vinyl pool the Polaris Vac-Sweep 65 model could be great pick.

>>> If you already have a pool pump and filter system installed in your pool, a suction pool cleaner will be a great choice. They are also best for small to medium size of debris.

>>> If you want to clean your swimming pool in less time and effort, a robotic pool cleaner is the best option. They’re very effective for spot cleaning. However, there’re not so many robotic models available for above ground pools. The “Dolphin Escape Robotic Pool Cleaner” is the mostly used robotic pool cleaner by pool owners.

A Buyer’s Guide Of Above Ground Pool Cleaners:

above ground pool vacuum buying guide

An above ground pool may not be as expensive as an in-ground pool. However, it is still an investment, and you need to take good care of it. Furthermore, a clean pool is hygienic and is fun to have. Of course, there is no fun in jumping into the dirty water.

There are various above ground pool cleaners on the market and choosing the best may not be as simple as it may sound. You will need some guidance to get your machine.

If a new pool cleaner is in the list of the things to buy, then look out for the following factors.

1. Pool Size And Shape:

Above ground pools come in different size and shape. Depending on their size and shape you need to select a perfect pool cleaner so that you get the best result.

If your pool is small in size like- an Intex pool, then you don’t have to buy a pressure or robotic pool cleaner. You can either select a manual or a suction based pool cleaner to get the job done. However, if you decide to buy a suction pool cleaner then make sure that you’ve already installed a pool pump and filter system. 

On the other hand, if you own a big size above ground pool, then you will require a pool cleaner with more suction power and stability. In that regard, a robotic pool cleaner will be the best choice for you. These automatic pool cleaners take less amount of time to thoroughly clean a large above ground swimming pool.

2. The Flow Rate and Pump Size:

The fact that you already have an above ground pool in your backyard means that you are privy to some information regarding flow rate and pump size.

For example, you probably know the capacity of your pump. In that regard, you will need to know the ability of the pool cleaner. Specifically, march the power of the pump with a pool cleaner.

You see, if your pump is more powerful than the pool cleaner you are purchasing, then it goes without saying that the pool cleaner will have a short life. Alternatively, if it is less potent than the pool cleaner, then the cleaner will not be sufficient. It is like using the 1000cc engine on a bus – you get the idea!

3. Protective Features:

It is standard for cleaners and drains to have clogs and other blocks to the free flow of water. As such, it is essential for the pool cleaner to come with protective features such as a protective ring.

Such a ring keeps the vents free of any blockage, ensure efficiency and durability. The more efficient the cleaner is, the better it is for you.

A swivel connector is a common feature in the majority of automatic cleaners to keep debris from blocking the vents.

4. The Hose Length:

The length of the hose is as important as the flow rate and the pump size. Typically, the length of the hose should be at least the diameter of your above ground pool.

However, some pool cleaners will come with various pieces of hoses to accommodate different lengths when cleaning. It is easy to forget to check this factor, but it determines the efficiency of the cleaner. Don’t overlook it.

For illustration, you cannot choose a short cable for your lawn mower if your yard is big. Similarly, don’t go for the short hose if your pool is big.

5. Filtration Efficiency:

pool cleaners filter

Before buying a pool cleaner consider its filtration system. This is the most crucial things regarding an efficient pool cleaner. Some pool vacuums has self contained filter or bag to capture dirt and debris. 

A pool cleaner with cartridge filter is extremely efficient at trapping tiny particles. They’re also easy to maintain. Plus, they wont get clogged by the debris. Not only that, the cartridge filter is easy to replace when necessary. If you choose this filter system, then look for a unit that uses micro mesh or net filter.

On the other hand, a pool cleaner with bag system is also capable of holding a big amount of pool dust and dirt. They’re machine washable. 

6. Maneuverability And Stability:

A best pool cleaner should comes with great maneuverability so that it can cover the entire pool surface without missing any dead spots. Pool cleaners which is easy to navigate, can get into pools tight corners and hard to reach areas effortlessly. Plus, It should remain stable while cleaning the pool water.

So, before buying an automatic above ground pool cleaner, consider the weight of the unit. The weight should be in between 12-15 pounds. We found that pool cleaners in this weight range are easy to maneuver. A lightweight pool vacuum is also easy to maintain

7. Movement Pattern:

The pattern at which the pool cleaner moves in determines its efficiency. Typically, random movements may be slow but efficient in the long run. Ideally, choose the cleaner that comes with programmed movements. It will cover a lot of ground in the pool.

8. Bristles:

Of course, a powerful suction is a great feature to have in a pool cleaner. However, it will not be effective in cleaning calcium deposits and algae. For that, you will need a good set of bristles to scrub the grime and other substances off the surfaces.

Typically, the more the bristles that a cleaner has, the better – It’s simple physics.

9. The Style:

Aesthetic appearance may not be necessary when it comes to pool cleaners. However, a little style goes a long way into making the process attractive. The children will love the animal-themed pool cleaners and may want to help clean the pool further. 

However, that does not mean you cannot find other styles. It is all a matter of preference.

10. Warranty:

The warranty protects the buyer from the manufacturer’s defects. Typically, the longer the agreement, the better it is for you. A more extended warranty period also underscores the faith that the manufacturers have on their cleaner. It indicates that they know what they are offering for sale is quality, and the chances of having returns are minimal.


Q1: How Often Should I Clean the Pool With a Cleaner?

Ans: If you own a swimming pool you must clean and maintain it properly. We recommend to vacuum your pool with the right pool cleaner once a week. In addition, you should test the pH level, skim your pool water, clean the filter pump on a weekly basis.

Q2: How often should you change the water in an above ground pool?

Ans: If you take proper care of your pool water then you don’t need to change it frequently. However, if you don’t get enough time to maintain your pool then you should change the water twice a year.

Final Thoughts:

We all love an above ground pool, especially during summer. However, it is hard to avoid dirt and other debris from getting into it. There are various ways that you can keep it clean, and that includes manual cleaning. 

Typically, you can easily keep the pool clean by acquiring the best above ground pool vacuum on the market. A clean pool can be used during winter season by using a swimming pool heater. The above products pretty much underscore what we mean. Choose any of the above, but we can assure you that our top 3 are top quality and will not disappoint you, in the long run.