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Best Food Vacuum Sealers in 2023

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One of the most time-saving kitchen tools out there is the food vacuum sealer.

I know what you’re thinking; how can a vacuum food sealer save you time, right?

Everyone deserves a lazy dinner day while focusing on a healthy, well-balanced meal; a vacuum sealer will become one of the most versatile and loved appliances in your kitchen and will be a solution to quick ready-made meals that you can easily pull from the freezer. We have chosen the best vacuum sealer below.

The Best Vacuum Sealer

GERYON Vacuum Sealing System



  • It takes up little countertop space
  • Versatility
  • Easy to Use
  • Durable
  • Pulse feature


  • No drip tray
  • Not as powerful as other high
  • It uses a point and press mechanism

Let us explain why owning a vacuum sealer will not only save you time but will help cut down on the amount of food you throw in the bin due to spoilage.

Next time you’re marinating some meat for dinner, why not save a couple of portions to keep in the fridge or freeze for a fast meal later in the week or months down the road. How about for those times when you have too many leftovers to eat on your own; rather than have half go bad in the fridge, vacuum pack portions and freeze to enjoy later.

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vacuum food sealer reviews

Finally, say goodbye to mold and freezer burn! The best vacuum food sealers can extend the shelf life of foods up to 5 x longer. The amount of food wasted every day due to throwing out old or spoiled food is a monstrosity. If food spoilage is a constant theme in your home, then a consideration to buy a vacuum sealer would be a direct solution to this problem.

In our detailed buyer’s guide for choosing the best food vacuum sealer, we’ll help you narrow down your search by presenting you with key factors, in order of importance, to consider before buying your vacuum sealer. To become more familiar with the world of kitchen appliances, we’ll start by sharing some information on a couple of the main brands of vacuum sealers, explain the types of food sealers on the market, go in-depth to vacuum sealer reviews, and lastly, take you through our detailed buyers guide of considerations to make before purchase.

When reading through this detailed guide, we’d like you to keep a few things at the front of your mind; they are quality, ease of use and safety. The importance of finding a food vacuum sealer with these three will make the difference between purchasing a basic no frill sealer and an exceptional machine that will take care of all your food vacuum sealing needs.

Benefits of Owning a Vacuum Food Sealer

  • Versatile: Not only will your vacuum sealer keep your food fresher longer, but you can also use it to seal and store important documents or keepsakes.
  • Buy in Bulk: Take advantage of low prices when buying food in bulk, knowing that you can store small portions in the fridge or freezer without the risk of spoiling.
  • Free up Space: When you vacuum pack, the items you store become smaller, thus allowing more room in your fridge or freezer for other items.
  • Retain Quality: Oxygen exposure on food causes food spoilage at a more rapid rate; by vacuum sealing, oxygen is eliminated, and foods are allowed to be stored longer while maintaining their full flavors and nutritional value.

Vacuum Sealing

It may seem like a simple concept, but for those unfamiliar with the mechanism behind vacuum sealing, here is a quick explanation. As touched on in the previous point of the Benefits of Owning a Vacuum Sealer, by eliminating oxygen in the packaging of an item that you plan to store, you are thus increasing its shelf life. Essentially, when you vacuum pack something, you are sucking out all of the moisture and air. Once this has been suctioned out, the bag is sealed with either a stopper or a heat sealing method.

Types of Food Vacuum Sealers

There are two ways to classify food vacuum sealers: commercial vacuum sealers or external vacuum sealers.

Commercial/Industrial Vacuum Sealers

Also known as chamber type vacuum sealers, this type of vacuum sealer is where the bag, with the item of food, is placed inside the vacuum chamber, and the lid is closed over it.

With this machine, you can guarantee a perfect seal almost every time; the sealer itself produces the exact amount of vacuum within the bag. The commercial vacuum sealers are ideal for high-volume packaging. A little know-how is probably quite useful before starting to use one of these machines.

Commercial vacuum sealers are great for heavy-duty operations and handling dry and wet packaging of items. The cost of these machines is substantially higher than that of a household machine; however, you can have confidence knowing that they will not only seal faster but hold their seal.

External Vacuum Sealers

A familiar appliance for use in home kitchens, the external sealer, uses either a clamping technology or retractable nozzle to seal in freshness. The air removal and sealing of this process happen all while the bag stays outside of the machine. These sealers are great for lite use; however, they do not produce much vacuum strength and therefore cannot be used for commercial use. Household vacuum sealers offer incredible versatility, a good level of power and are available in various sizes and shapes to suit your space.

Take a look below for some subcategories of external vacuum sealers:

Handheld Vacuum Sealers

For use with bags and containers that have vacuum ports, great for when you don’t have access to electricity. These handheld sealers are small and adaptable, meaning that they are great for portability.

Outdoor Vacuum Sealers

Ideal for on-the-go, vacuum sealers built for the outdoors is a good option for hunters needing to seal meats in a variety of bags for ease of transport.

Standing Vacuum Sealers

As the name states, these types of vacuum sealers come with a stand which means that you won’t have to take up any of your counter space while using the machine.

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Canisters

These are specific containers with a vacuum sealing method that requires connecting a hose to the vacuum port. Vacuum food sealers such as this are ideal for marinating meats.

Following the vacuum sealer reviews, continue reading for our full list of considerations to make before purchasing the best vacuum sealer.

Vacuum Sealer Brands

Since the invention of the food vacuum sealer in 1984 by Hans Christian, kitchenware brands have been researching and competing to be at the top of innovation in the world of vacuum food packing. Brands such as Crenova, Delycs, FoodSaver, NutriChef, Weston, Gourmia, Ziploc and Aicok have been coming out with various makes and models over the years; each of these brands has proven their worthiness by coming out with some of the best vacuum packers around. In the following section, we will share with you the top 5 product models of the best vacuum sealers and then list out the rest that makes up the top 10.

Vacuum Sealer Reviews – Top 5 Product Models

Choosing the best food vacuum sealer can be complicated when many of the makes and models have similar functions and features. To help you out in your search, we’ve gone extensively through several customer food vacuum sealer reviews to bring you a list of the top products to give you an idea of the quality you should be looking for.

The following are the best vacuum food sealers on the market, according to consumer reviews.

#1. GERYON Vacuum Sealing System – Top Rated

Topping our list of the best food vacuum sealer reviews is the vacuum sealing system by Geryon. This external vacuum sealer is small, flat, and compact in design, making it portable and easy to store.

At a bargain price, you can purchase the Geryon for under $100, but don’t let the low price fool you into thinking it’s not a quality product. On the contrary, this model performs various functions extremely well, and for such a small unit, the suction and sealing on this machine are incredible.

Ideal for sealing bags, canning jars, or even vacuum packing those important documents or keepsakes, this Geryon sealer outperforms many.

Cleaning is made easy; unplug the machine from the outlet and wipe down the machine with a cloth after each use.

The Geryon is a no-fuss unit that is affordable, easy to use, durable, and will most likely outlast other high-end vacuum sealers available in the market.


  • It takes up little countertop space.e
  • Versatility – No need to buy special sealing bags, any bag you have will do
  • Easy to Use – Works by the push of a button. When the item has been sealed, the machine stops.
  • Durable – Sturdy build that can take a beating
  • Pulse feature


  • No drip tray – Make sure you put something down when sealing items with liquids.
  • Not as powerful as other high-end models; however, this little beast is a major player when comparing prices.
  • Uses a point and press mechanism – Leaves room for user errors.

Product Dimensions: 14.2 x 3.9 x 7.5 inches

Weight: 3.1 lbs.

Pressure/Suction: 80kPa

Sealer Width: 3mm

Manufacturer’s warranty: 1 year

Extras: Stainless steel metal case, LED indicator lights, manual pulse function; Starter Kit including 5x 22*30cm Heat-Sealed Bags, 5x 22*10cm Heat-Sealed Bags.


#2. Portable Vacuum Packing Machine by ABOX

The purpose of this guide is to bring you the most effective food vacuum sealers on the market while keeping in mind affordability and versatility for home use. And available for purchase at under $40, the ABOX comes in second place in our list of the best vacuum sealer for its incredibly low cost.

Not to mention, it rates among the top for storability and portability. This portable vacuum packing machine can attach directly to your fridge, freeing up space on your counters and allowing for easy accessibility.

Its lightweight and compact design make cleaning hassle-free; removable strips are included for easy and fast cleaning.


  • Incredibly small: Takes up virtually no counter space
  • Stores easily in a cupboard or directly on your fridge


  • Smaller model – Take precautions when sealing foods that have moisture, such as fish and vegetables, and make sure that you wipe away any moisture near the end of the bag before vacuum packing.
  • Unable to vacuum liquids like soup.

Product Dimensions: 14.2 x 2 x 2.1

Weight: Less than 1 lb.

Pressure/Suction: 430mmhg

Sealer Width: 0.5mm

Manufacturer’s warranty: 30-day money-back guarantee + 1 yr. warranty

Extras: 20*Vacuum bags_25cmx20 cm/9.84”x7.87”


#3. FoodSaver V4400 2-in-1 Automatic Sealing System

Combine a standard vacuum sealer with a household model, and you get an excellent vacuum packer called the FoodSaver V4440.

No matter what you need to seal, whether canisters, bags, or others, the automatic bag detection and vacuum sealing guarantee an instant and tight seal every time. If the standard vacuum sealer isn’t fit for the job, then the handheld retractable sealer takes it; versatility is the V4440’s second name. For one unit that does it all, this FoodSaver won’t disappoint.

As far as ease of use, the retractable handheld sealer fits nicely in your hand and is easy to store when not in use. In addition, the retractable handle gives you the option to seal jars, containers, canisters and, of course, zipper bags.

The toggle switch allows you to choose whether you are sealing dry or wet items, ensuring that you have the perfect seal every time. You will be impressed by how this vacuum sealer even seals the most delicate items, such as baked goods like muffins.


  • Extra modes: Rapid marinating mode
  • It comes with a drip tray
  • Automatic detection of the bag and instant vacuum sealing


  • Heavy, bulky, and takes up plenty of counter space

Product Dimensions: 11 x 20 x 12 inches

Weight: 10 lbs.

Sealer Width: 4.1”

Extras: Removable tray included and retractable handheld sealer


#4. FoodSaver 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit – 4800 Series – V4840

Definitely one of the best vacuum sealers on the market today. If it wasn’t for its massive size, dare we say it may come out on top?

The design and look of this vacuum packer definitely make it a piece of display art in your kitchen, rather than just a functional appliance. If you’re looking for a vacuum packer with all of the features you need and more, you’ll definitely find it in this beast of a sealer.

You can trust the 4800 series knowing that it hasn’t only been tried and tested in home kitchens and stands up to the abuse and use within commercial kitchens.

See: FoodSaver vs Ziploc Vacuum Sealing Systems

The features of this vacuum sealer are what make it one of the best. Moist and dry settings for optimum sealing are becoming standard in all of the best food vacuum sealers, but this puppy takes it one step further. There’s no need to change settings when vacuum packing different foods; sit back and let the sealer do the work, detect the type of food you are sealing, and make the necessary adjustments.

The automatic detection of the bag in the machine allows for hands-free and clean use. If you think the 4800 series FoodSaver is a good vacuum sealer, you’re off in your judgement; it’s better than good; it’s incredible. This machine also includes pulse vac technology which allows you to control the vacuuming process to get the perfect seal.


  • Rapid marinate mode: handheld sealers marinates food rapidly
  • Uses automatic sealing technology
  • Pulse Vac option


  • Massive in size: If purchasing, make extra space on your counter; it’s a bit bulky
  • Not for standard bags: Although not mandatory, it is advised to use FoodSaver bags and rolls

Product Dimensions: 22 x 10.5 x 9.5 inches

Weight: 14 lbs.

Extras: Starter Kit included: (1) 11″x10′ Roll, (3) Qt Heat-Seal Bags, (2) Gal Heat-Seal Bags, (3) Qt Zipper Bags, (2) Gal Zipper Bags. Built-in retractable handheld sealer. Included drip tray drawer.


#5. Vacuum Sealer By NutriChef | Automatic Vacuum Air Sealing System For Food Preservation

For a mid-priced vacuum sealer that does its job well, this NutriChef excels on several fronts. Functional and aesthetically pleasing, when you place the NutriChef on your counter, your kitchen is sure to take on a sleek and modern look.

With a high-performance suction element, automatic vacuum sealer, soft-touch digital buttons, and LED indicator lights, the NutriChef really is a display of value considering its price.

Like other sealers on the market, this vacuum packer also has a 2 suction mode, giving you the option to perfectly vacuum pack your food no matter whether it is wet or dry.

As you can see, the unit also sports a cosmetic exterior which makes it look great on your countertop while you are using it.  Along with the visual appeal, this sealer is very small and fits nicely in your storage area.

While completing the NutriChef vacuum sealer review, we found this is an easy-to-use vacuum sealing solution for your food, coming in at a lower price than other units, with many extras included in the retail package.


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to operate
  • Bags: re-usable and waterproof bags


  • There aren’t many cons to this product; however, some users comment that the seal isn’t always the best, and the suctioning power can be iffy from time to time.

Product Dimensions: 6.1 x 14.2 x 3

Weight: 2.9 lbs.

Pressure/Suction: Suction strength of 12L/min

Extras: Included in the purchase through Amazon is the stopper cork, 5 medium vacuum bags (7.8” x 11.8”) and one extra-long vacuum bag roll (7.8” x 79.0”).


Other Great Vacuum Sealers for Food

Although not in our top 5, all of the vacuum sealers below are of superior quality and make and will more than serve all of your vacuum packing needs.

This vacuum sealer is a great performer in its category. It is simple to use and one-touch seals your food. It also comes with an extra-wide sealer strip which fits up to 11′ bags of all brands with no hassle. Our Aicok vacuum sealer reviews are short, but you can check out prices and more reviews by clicking the button below.

#6. KOIOS Vacuum Sealer Machine, 80Kpa Automatic Food Sealer with Cutter


#7. Weston Pro-2300 Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer

This Weston vacuum sealer is a high-quality, commercial-grade machine. With an extra-wide sealing bar, you can use many different types of bags with it. Learn more about the Weston Pro 2300.


#8. Gourmia GVS435 – Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer (Gourmia)


#9. FoodSaver FM2435-ECR Vacuum Sealing System (FoodSaver)


#10. Aicok Vacuum Sealer Review

Aicok is a great budget option for vacuum sealers. Please read our full review of the Aicok Vacuum Sealer.


Buyer’s Guide – How to Select the Best Vacuum Sealer

As previously explained at the beginning of our buyer’s guide, before even thinking further about the machines you will look at before buying, you first must determine what exactly your packing requirements are; think about what type of food you be storing and consider your bagging options.

If you plan to use your vacuum sealer daily and for multiple functions, then you will probably want to look into a commercial model; however, if occasional vacuum sealing is what you’re after, then it’s best if you stick to a household model.


Now that you’ve selected whether you will be purchasing a commercial model or a household, you can narrow in on your budget. A household model will cost anywhere from between 30 to 150 dollars, while that of a commercial model normally starts around 150 and can go upwards of 500. It is important to note that the size to power ratio will affect the cost of the machine.


Within the performance category, there are 3 main considerations you will want to keep in mind; motor speed/length of time you can use before overheating, controls, and ease of use.

Remember: If you want to ensure your appliance will function at the top performance, you will need to make sure you are using the correct vacuum bags for the sealer you have. Using an incorrect bag with an incompatible machine may cause damage to the machine or provide you with a weak seal. For more information, refer to the section on, Notes on Bags.

Motor Speed – The speed of the motor will affect the amount of output that the machine produces. Too much output in a smaller machine could result in rapid overheating.

Sealing Power – Look for a machine that can suction, seal, and cut; if it can do all three in one fluid action, then you can have confidence that the power of the seal will hold.

Vacuum Suction – Some foods are more difficult to seal, which is why you will want to look for the best food vacuum sealers with a suction that can handle the job!

Controls – Most machines run at the click of a button, while others allow you to manually stop the machine after it has been sealed. Some machines also have settings that you can alter depending on the specific item you are sealing.

Ease of Use – Does your machine function with the push of a button? Is it easy to change the bags? How do I properly clean the machine? These are a few of the questions you should ask yourself when determining ease of use. Make sure that whichever machine you choose is simple to work with and doesn’t complicate the vacuum sealing process.


Space is a valuable commodity in the household kitchen, and appliances constantly compete to win counter space.

When looking for the best food vacuum sealer, you should shop for something easy to move around and doesn’t come with a lot of bulk. In addition, if you plan to bring it out camping with you or on your next hunting trip, pay closer attention to the types of vacuum sealers to make the best selection…


Depending on the type of vacuum sealer you purchase, you may or may not require additional attachments. For example, if you will be doing a lot of canning and require jar sealing, then purchasing specific containers, hoses, and adapters may be essential.

Also, as many vacuum sealers have several parts, it may be worth looking into purchasing replacement parts so that you can easily fix them at home on your own when you do have something to break.

A Note on Bags

Whenever you are using a vacuum sealer, it is vitally important to use the specific bags required for the type of food you plan on storing. Bags you’ll find can be freezer safe, reusable, dishwasher safe, or even allow you the option to cook inside the bag. Always check the manufactures guide to ensure you are using the correct bags for the job.


Nowadays, there are numerous options available for the best vacuum food sealer. With so many requirements of today’s consumers, it’s no wonder why it can be difficult to pick the right product for your needs. Do your research before buying, and keep in mind the above considerations of what to look for in the best vacuum food sealer.

With kitchen appliances, sometimes they are too advanced and have a million bells and whistles, but in the end, it’s best if you simplify and ask yourself a few basic questions; does it perform its function (in this case, suction and seal, and can it hold its seal)? If you can’t answer yes, then you’re probably looking at the wrong vacuum sealer.

Before beginning your search, identify your packing needs, then set your budget, and from there, you can begin to get into the nitty-gritty and look at things such as performance and storage.

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