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How to Clear A Cloudy Above Ground Pool: Step by Step Guide

how to clear a cloudy above ground pool

Cloudy pools are not something new, especially to those who are long-time owners. But if owning an above ground pool is what you are going to do for the first time, chances are that you might get a little panicky and clueless on what should be done next. 

Well, there are many reasons behind a pool getting cloudy, and if you discover the same, you will never want to plunge into it. Where you have always seen the water clear and transparent, you suddenly witness milky water filled with dirt and dust. This would clearly indicate that your pool is storing cloudy water. So, you need to find out now the primary reasons behind the pool’s cloudiness.

Why my pool is cloudy?

Before delving deep into the fact as to why a pool can become cloudy, pool owners should know few interesting facts. There are various forms of cloudiness caused in a pool. For instance, the nature of the cloudiness can be flat, which is the least dangerous. In this case, the pool water would hold on to its color but would lack its shine.

Apart from this, the pool water can look hazy and lack color to such an extent that it would be difficult for you to identify little details on the pool surface. Lastly, the pool water can look absolutely milky, as mentioned above. If this happens, you will not be able to see the pool floor at all. So, this would certainly call for treatment.

Now, comes the question as to what factors can make your pool cloudy. Yes, it’s true that there are a few reasons which can lead to a cloudy pool. Let’s have a quick look:

Inappropriate balance of chemicals:

Pool and chlorine have an interconnection, and if the latter undergoes an abnormal dosage, the former will be automatically affected. To be precise, an excessive quantity of chlorine or the same contributing too less can harm the water quality. If this happens, the level of alkalinity of the pool water will be affected, which would result in bad hygiene. Where the Ph level of water should be between 7.2 and 7.6, the calcium hardness should stand between 200 and 400.

Pool filtration process:

Proper circulation is a must when it comes to pool water. Since the water in the pool is made to circulate through the filter, one needs to keep the filter clean. If this is done right, the quality of water will always stay good. For this, you need to check a few things.

First, make sure that the pool pump has enough power to cycle the water at a fair interval. Secondly, check the pool pump running time to ensure that a full cycle is covered each day. Lastly, you must keep the equipment in good condition. Remember, each and every equipmen
t should be able to run with effectiveness so as to keep no blockages in the long-run.

Unpleasant surroundings:

Filter is the most sensitive thing for a swimming pool. If it’s not given quality treatment, it can attract dust, leaves, pollen etc. and ruin the cleaning process on a massive scale. Sometimes, the fall of insects and extra debris after a storm leave the water cloudy. Even phosphates and nitrates are brought by run-off water that also pollutes the pool like anything.

How do I Clean a Cloudy Above Ground Pool

Cleaning an above ground pool that has become cloudy is a must for the owner. If you own such a pool, you just cannot delay in doing so, or otherwise, there would be a chain of complications. So, if you are wondering how to become good at it, the following ways will certainly be of great help. Take a look:

Clean the pool thoroughly:

Every pool owner is in love with his own pool, and if he is really in love, he should do the best to bring back its heydays. So, why not start cleaning the pool as much as possible as the first step of removing cloudiness? Many homeowners take help of heavy-duty skimmers to first scrub the pool so that there remains no debris. Make good use of vacuum to eliminate algae while a pool brush stiff in nature can clean the walls perfectly. A quality robotic pool cleaner would be a great choice to efficiently remove dust and debris from your pool.

Shock the pool – the chlorine therapy:

The presence of algae can bring deadly consequences for the pool water. So, the best way to treat it, is to shock the pool, which is, adding bits of liquid chlorine to kill algae. However, it depends on the quantity of the algae present in the pool.

Bonus Tips: To make your pool free from any kinds of algae attack, Winterize it properly before closing it.

Watch the following video for step by step process:

Accumulate the unwanted stuff to get rid:

Among the smart pool equipment, there is a pool clarifier that is now used by many modern pool owners. This tool helps in bringing the junk at one place. Thereafter, bring on a vacuum that would pull them up right from the bottom. In this process, you cannot do things manually. Just keep the water running and the filter close as it would do its work right at the bottom of the pool.

Make wise use of the filter:

Indefinite use of the filter is not required. Just make sure that whenever you are using it, clean it well and if required, replace it from time to time. Once cleaning the filter is done, run it for over seven hours on a daily basis.

Can you swim in a cloudy pool?

Swimming in a cloudy pool is just impossible because you will never want to allow your body to come into contact with bacteria or germs. Instead, you should clean it up and keep the water clean so that you can swim on it for as long as you want.

How long should it take to clear a cloudy pool?

In order to clear a cloudy pool, it takes around two to three days. The process is not so complicated and if done properly, it would lead to a safer environment. Just keep the filter on for 24 hours for swifter results.

By now, you have come to know what it takes to have a cloudy pool. Apart from giving birth to an unhygienic surrounding, having a cloudy pool also hampers your image of showing negligence towards maintaining your very own pool. So, before you end up doing this blunder, be vigilant of each and every aspect related to your pool. The step-by-step process will, moreover, help you bring back your clean and sparkling pool.