Signs of Window Seal Failure

Are your windows looking a little foggy on the inside? Feeling a draft when you walk by, even when they’re closed tight? It might be a sign that your window’s seals have failed. Don’t fret! This blog post can help you identify window seal failure. By the end, you’ll know when to call in the pros for a checkup.

Window Seal Failure

Understanding Window Seals

The seals on your windows are the invisible heroes of our homes. They work hard to keep the cold out and the warmth in. They act as a barrier between the panes of glass in your window, insulating your home and keeping it energy-efficient.

Common Signs of Window Seal Failure

Over time, however, the seals start to deteriorate, creating gaps and cracks where unwanted outdoor air can enter and wreak havoc on your home’s indoor comfort. Here’s how you can tell if your windows’ seals have failed:

  • Foggy Windows. This usually requires window replacement. Once the seal fails, it can’t be fixed. If you’re dealing with foggy windows, it’s best to seek professional advice and consider investing in replacement windows.
  • Irregular Temperature. Do you find that certain spots in your home are colder than others? This usually indicates cracked window seals. Cold air can enter your home when insulation weakens, making temperature control difficult.
  • Damaged Window Frames. Broken window seals damage window frames. Water seeps through weakened seals and damages the surrounding structure. If your window frame is warping or degrading, call a professional.
  • Drafts Around the Window. Have you notice drafts coming from your windows even when they’re closed? That indicates a failed seal. Weatherstripping that’s worn can also cause drafts. It’s crucial to respond immediately. If not, the draft will allow more air into your home, diminishing your home’s energy efficiency.
  • Hard to Open and Close Windows: Do your windows open and close stiffly? The seal is breaking down and no longer protecting your glass. If ignored, this issue can harm your window and property.

Work With a Professional Window Company

Failing window seals can have a real impact on your energy efficiency and your comfort at home. It’s important to spot the signs and take action quickly. Luckily, you don’t have to handle it alone. The team at Renewal by Andersen® of Central Pennsylvania is here to help. Get in touch with us at (717) 591-4900 or complete our online form to learn more about our replacement window options, including double-hung, sliding and casement windows. We serve clients in York, PA, and the surrounding communities.

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