Weekend Reading 9.3.23 | Centsational Style
Home Renovation

Weekend Reading 9.3.23 | Centsational Style

I gave our hallway a makeover this week with a DIY furniture upgrade and a gallery of art, I’ll share pictures next week. The Minimalism Game began on the 1st and already I’m busy purging my home of things I don’t need, a few sales of big ticket items but the majority will be donations. It feels good to be challenged, and there is still time to join in! I’m posting my donations every few days on Instagram stories to keep myself and participants motivated!

We’ve moved much of our furniture back into the house but I’ve rearranged a few rooms, moving around different pieces to different spaces and it has given our home renewed energy. Once the purging of all the old is complete I’ll add a few new textiles and artwork to further freshen the spaces. It feels good to redo rooms, the family room, the study, and make them feel new again since it’s been years since I’ve done so.

September is here with all of its loveliness. We had a meeting at my community clay studio last week and the announcement was made to start getting ready for holiday sales now since production of ceramics takes time. From formation to bisque firing, decorating and glaze firing, the process can take up to three weeks for each piece when working in a large studio with others. You’ll hear no objection from me to spend more time working with clay, it’s become such a source of joy. New ceramic designs coming soon!

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