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DIY Christmas Village | Centsational Style

Do you all recall the Halloween village I made back in September? Well…. surprise, I’ve reinvented it as a Christmas village. I hinted at the end of that post that this would be a great idea and sure enough, it was! This DIY Christmas village is easy to make and adds seasonal touch to any mantel or shelf.

It’s made with wood houses, bristle brush trees, and a few additional supplies listed below. You can use any color trees you find to coordinate with your home’s seasonal color palette. I chose cheerful pink, turquoise, and green trees for my little village.

In the Halloween village post it lists all the supplies, but I’ll list them here again with the holiday decorative items needed to recreate these little villages that you can use to style your home for years to come.

Christmas village supplies needed: set of wood houses either white or natural wood in size large; mini bristle brush trees; mini wreaths (these or these), a few sets of wood chopsticks; hot glue & glue gun; drill and drill bits (optional); LED tea lights (optional), white spray paint.

Here are the steps for assembly, repeated:

Step One: purchase (or cut) length of ½” x 3” thick wood for base to fit your mantel or shelves, anywhere from 3 to 6 feet. Create visual layout of houses on top leaving space for trees in between. Spray paint the base white to match the white wood houses.

Step Two: Break chopsticks into small pieces to support the back of the wood houses. Use the hot glue to attach the chopstick to the board base, then more glue to attach the house to the base so it stands up straight. If you want to light them up at night, be sure to allow room for the LED tea lights to sit behind each house on the wood base.


Step Three: If you want to nestle the trees inside the wood base, unscrew them from their circle base. Drill ¼ inch hole for each tree, apply hot glue to the holes so trees stand straight. Alternatively you can simply glue the trees with their circles attached to the wood base, I did both. Attach mini wreath to every other wood house.


I used the natural wood set of houses and a birch wood base then spray painted them white, but you can also keep the set natural too:






The neighbor girls stopped by yesterday and saw these and wanted them for their rooms so I’ll likely give them away since they are a very sweet addition to any bookshelf for the holiday season.